What are the best products of Ali Abu Al-Hous’s kunafa (pastry)?

All products of Ali Abu Al-Hous are distinguished but, for each product a time and occasion. Our products include variety types of sweets such as The coffee sweet is like small distinctive items, and on the other side a wide variety of kunafa varieties of various types that are more demanded for hospitality in the events. We work every day to provide all that is special.

Where are the branches of Ali Abu Al-Hous’s kunafa (pastry)?

You can find the locations of branches and working hours through Our branches.

Is there delivery service for Ali Abu Al-Hous’s kunafa (pastry)?

Yes, there is delivery services. So you can demand through hunger station and ready applications.

Can Ali Abu Al-Hous’s kunafa (pastry) be made at customer’s house or similar ?

Yes, Ali Abu Al-Hous’s Kunafa (pastry) sweets can manufacture and provide sweets in homes, lounges and wedding halls. For more information and purchase orders, don’t hesitate to contact us via the number 920008914