About Us

Who are we?

Ali Abu Al-Hous’s sweetswas founded in the Kingdom 2007 with expertise that has accumulated over 50 years in the manufacture of eastern sweets of various kinds.

Our message

To make passion a motive, while solidifying our relationship and trusting in our brand.

Our Philosophy

‎For us, success is more than just statistics. It is created from our enthusiasm and passion to distinguishing. We work through each of our exhibitions to determine the best practices at the level of confectionery in the region, and to create market standards that match local commercial standards, by maintaining on the originality of the product, its manufacture and presentation.

We also believe in long-term business relationships, which are based on shared goals, ethical business practices, and a shared thought that seeks to provide all that is unique.

Our Values

Integrity- We are honest with ourselves and in dealing with others, and we trust in our products that are recognized by the local market by customers.

The Quality

We aim to provide the best and achieve the best, we offer an experience that deserves to be said excellent.

Our Vision

Ali Abu Al-Hous’s kunafa sweets reaches and extends to all regions of the Kingdom and the Arabian Gulf so that the Kunafa and Eastern sweets lovers will enjoy the authentic taste.